What are Extended Text Ads (ETA)?

Google AdWords is changing the format of text ads to give you significantly more space. But what exactly is changing? The current format is: Title, 2 text lines and the URL to describe your product. From no on you will have 2 text lines and an extended text line as well as the opportunity to include paths in the URL. The new functionality gives you 50% more space for your ads.


Current character limits:

 Maximum numbers of characters (in most languages)
Ad title25 characters
Displayed URL35 characters
Text line 1:35 characters
Text line 2:35 characters

New text lengths:

 Maximum numbers of characters (in most languages)
Ad title 130 characters
Ad title 230 characters
Description80 characters
Path (2)15 characters at a time

The conversion is taking place because Google is standardising mobile and desktop search. The first step was no longer offering sidebar ads. Now all ads can be displayed using  the entire width.

Google says the new formats have a higher click rate. The next weeks and months will show how this actually affects it.

Which dates should you keep an eye on?

Extended text ads can be created from now on. You can run them exclusively, but also in combination with the old ad texts.

You can create ads in the old format until October, it will no longer  be possible after that. We recommend convert the old formats by then. You can do this with the migration tool for free and run some old ads along with new ads to compare the difference for yourself.

From 2017 the old formats will not be displayed anymore, only the new Extended Text Ads will be delivered then.