How long is the testing phase?

The free testing phase of OMP Tools runs for 30 days. Afterwards You can choose to opt out, or sign up.

What costs apply for OMP Tools after testing phase?

OMP Tools costs you R1.490 per month at a term of 24 months. If you are working with more than 2 AdWords accounts or spend more than R75000  we invoice you 5% of the advertising budget you spend with Google.

What costs apply during the testing phase?

OMP Tools is completely free during the testing phase. You just define the advertising budget that will be spent on Google AdWords campaign.

What skills do I need to have to use OMP Tools?

OMP Tools is very simple to use, there are no special skills needed. All you need is a Google AdWords Account.

How long does it take to set up a campaign in OMP Tools?

A campaign in OMP Tools can be set up in a few short minutes.

Can I optimize an existing campaign through OMP Tools?

This feature is not available at the moment, but we are constantly working on extending our features. We have a few new developments launching soon that will increase the performance of Google campaigns.

How do I know how well my campaign is running?

OMP Tools keeps you up to date with all your current campaigns. You have access from the dashboard and/or we can send you email alerts.

OMP Tools is great, but I would prefer not to have to manage it by myself.

No problem. We also offer optional full-service where we take care of everything. Just contact us on info@omp-tools.at.

I am already working with an optimization tool for Google AdWords. Why is OMP Tools better?

OMP Tools not only optimizes your campaigns, it also takes care of their creation and the direct transfer of them into a Google AdWords account. With this tools You don’t need to take care of anything and therefore You can fully focus on your core business.